We create wearable art. We get lost in inspiration and down and dirty in design. Our customers aren’t our clients; they are our friends, our family. Our founder Lynn Kemp started it all with an act of love and support for a child’s passion for baseball, making school spirit bracelets to sell to fans. Today, we have carried that love into our nationwide lifestyle brand. It excites us when we hear that you love what we love. That love is Canoe.


Andrea Barnett
Andrea Barnett takes great care in choosing the finest materials for all jewelry pieces, as well as taking great pride in original art “Made in America.”
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Clare Mills
A Shreveport, Louisiana, native, I have always been drawn to artistic expression, and like most artists, I have never been limited to one medium. Although I enjoy everything from constructing embellished birdhouses to painting, I found my true love in jewelry design.


Grace George

Each Grace George design is an original creation handmade in our Baton Rouge, LA studio. We pride ourselves on creating elegant and unique pieces that will complement any wardrobe. We use only the best materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. Last but not least, each piece of jewelry comes in a handmade recycled fabric pouch.

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Grandmother’s Buttons
Susan Davis has told the story so many times it has taken on the aura of myth—how one afternoon in 1985 she was visiting with her 95-year-old grandmother, rummaging as they often did through the elderly woman’s life-time accumulation of keepsakes and treasures. That afternoon they delved into her many boxes of buttons, and Susan suddenly saw the possibility of a new career and cottage industry. Plucking a sparkling jet glass from the jumble, she held it to her ear and said, “Grandma, this would make a beautiful earring!” Her grandmother agreed, cheerfully donated her buttons to Susan’s new cause, and Grandmother’s Buttons was born.

J. Lauren Designer Jewelry

J. Lauren Jewelry comes in a wide range of styles, all of which have a 100% unconditional guarantee.

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Julio Designs
With the birth of her son, Juli decided to turn her full attention to design and production of jewelry and accessories.  In addition to the design and production of her own line, Julio Designs, Juli has provided design and production assistance to numerous other designers including Sally Davison, Coley and T.A.G., Eve Reid, Elizabeth Showers, Delight Van Dame and Darian Thomas Designs. Julio Designs was a first round nominee in 2005 for the prestigious Dallas Fashion Award.

Kendra Scott
Come see our wonderful section of Kendra Scott Jewelry!


Michal’s Imports
Mariana’s jewelry is famous all over the world. Her naïve colorfulness and her flawless interfusion between old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit is visible in every one of her jewels. It is the foundation; the heart and the core of her creation.

Melinda Maria 
Melinda Maria blends bold, modern design with natural glamour for women. Exclusively handcrafted, Semi-Precious jewelry designed in Los Angeles.
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My God Tags
These unique “GodTags”™ are a non-traditional take on standard military issued dog tags. Each GodTag™ was created from an original drawing or piece of artwork. Then it was made into a stamp, which was then used to create an impression in wax, and later cast into a sterling silver tag.

Original Hardware 

Original Hardware’s mantra is simple: be true to who you are and your life will unfold miraculously in front of you. I believe that our designs reflect that philosophy. That’s why our handcrafted jewelry is designed for the journey–your journey–wherever it may take you.


Regina Andrew 

Working artists, Carla Regina and James Andrew, met in the late 1990’s. Their work has evolved into a directional, maker-brand with a tenacious Detroit soul. Their passions and desire for excellence are the driving force behind the ReginaAndrew brand.

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Ronaldo’s incredible talents as an artist have created a worldwide following of loyal customers and collectors. From limited edition pieces to custom one-of-a-kind designs, explore the art of this Master Jeweler and experience the many ways Designer Jewelry by Ronaldo can exceed your expectations.

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In 1987, Haim Shahar founded the company as a distributor of unique jewelry made by European artisans, working to bring their designs to the United States. He started small, at craft fairs and art exhibitions under the name of Trades of the East. The work he chose to sell was beautifully designed, handcrafted, and appealed to Shahar’s own sense of style and quality.


We invite you to explore the Trollbeads collection, read the stories behind the beads, and create your own personal wish list to share with family and friends.

Waxing Poetic
Our jewelry is fabricated by an incredible batch of Balinese craftspersons, truly part of our extended ‘family.’ These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent. Somehow we were blessed to have them join forces with us. Our Bali artisans are paid several times more than minimum wage, and treated with respect, dignity, and most importantly, gratitude. We work closely with the Bali wing of the WP family in both refining our designs, and in building aesthetic sensibility based not only on concept, but also on construction, and shared content.



Whitley V

Beautiful and unique pieces handcrafted in San Francisco using semi-precious stones and fine metals.


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